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NOT Grand Theft Auto 5 - Mugging Pedestrians

Mugging pedestrians is something that you can do freely in Grand Theft Auto 5. Another game where you can enjoy mugging pedestrians for cash and items is APB: Reloaded.

APB: Reloaded is a free-to-play multiplayer online third-person-shooting game published by GamersFirst. It may look and feel like Grand Theft Auto but it's a totally different game. They do have some similarities like the ability to mug pedestrians and steal from them.

Mugging Pedestrians in APB: Reloaded is an ability that only Criminal Players can do. Enforcer Players can't mug pedestrians because they're the good guys. Criminal Players are the bad buys in APB: Reloaded.

If you're a Criminal Player in APB: Reloaded and you're short on in-game cash or money then hit the streets and start mugging pedestrians. Pedestrians will give you a few dollars when mugged and you can also pick-up dropped items to fence.

To mug a pedestrian, simply do the following:
  1. get close to any pedestrian (you'll see them all over APB: Reloaded)
  2. press the F key
Your character will immediately start mugging the pedestrian and, after the mugging, you'll get a few dollars and, if the victim dropped any items then you can pick them up as well. You can bring all the items you picked-up from your mugging victims to a fence to receive some cash.

Watch the YouTube video below to give you an idea of how mugging pedestrians in APB: Reloaded is done.

If you're interested in mugging pedestrians then you can do so by playing APB: Reloaded. Download the game at

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