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NOT Grand Theft Auto 5 - Going On A Shooting Spree

One of the many things that attracts players of all ages to play Grand Theft Auto 5 or any of the games in the Grand Theft Auto Series is the ability to kill people in the game. Of course, they're not real people but non-player characters or NPCs still the appeal is there and many players are doing it.

You don't believe? Just go to YouTube, search for Grand Theft Auto 5 and you'll find hundreds if not thousands of videos that show players killing these NPCs in-game. How do they kill them? They either shoot them to death or run them over with their cars. Fortunately, Grand Theft Auto 5 is only a game.

Another game where you can shoot and kill people or NPCs like in Grand Theft Auto 5 is APB: Reloaded. In fact, if you're a Criminal then you can even go on a shooting spree and no one will stop you. Well, except maybe the Enforcers but that rarely happens.

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People are everywhere in APB: Reloaded but there are locations where the number of people are greater than others. If you're planning to go on a shooting spree then find the most populated area or location in the game, get your weapons ready and start shooting.

Unfortunately, shooting or killing people in APB: Reloaded doesn't do anything except raise your notoriety. It doesn't do anything else. Of course, if you're bored and looking for something to pass the time while waiting for your next mission then shooting people might just keep you busy and entertained.

Remember, both APB: Reloaded and Grand Theft Auto 5 are only games. If you're not mature enough to differentiate or distinguish that these are only games then please stay away from these titles. Parents should also be aware that both of these games are for Mature Audiences only.

Anyway, APB: Reloaded is a fun and free alternative to Grand Theft Auto 5. They're not exactly the same but they do have some similarities.

You can download APB: Reloaded as well as sign-up for a free account at

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