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Dragon's Prophet - Improved Ping With WTFast

Dragon's Prophet is an Action-MMORPG. It's Free-To-Play and it's published by Sony Online Entertainment.

As an Action-MMORPG, players of Dragon's Prophet will rely heavily on their lag specially if they want to become competitive in the game. Unlike traditional MMORPGs, auto-targeting and target-locking don't exist in Dragon's Prophet.

If you want to kill monsters or other players in PvP then you'll have to manually target and attack them because actions in an Action-MMORPG are executed in real-time. If you're lagging badly then it will mess-up your timing and you'll have difficulties hitting your targets.

In PvP, if your opponent's lag is better than yours then you'll suffer a great disadvantage.

How I Improved My Ping In Dragon's Prophet

As a new Dragon's Prophet player who is playing from the Philippines, my ping would reach as high as 300ms. This makes the game somewhat laggy for me but it's still playable.

Having a high ping in a very competitive game sucks but, thanks to WTFast, I was able to reduce my ping in Dragon's Prophet from 200ms to 300ms down to 175ms to 190ms.

Even with WTFast, my ping in Dragon's Prophet was still high but it's now below the 200ms mark. Did it improved my overall playing experience? Yes it did. It made my Dragon's Prophet feel a little less laggy.

Don't get me wrong. I'm still lagging in Dragon's Prophet but I'm not lagging as bad as before.

YouTube Video About My Improved Ping In Dragon's Prophet

Below is a YouTube video about my improved ping in Dragon's Prophet using WTFast.

If you are having lag problems in Dragon's Prophet or in any games then why not give WTFast a try. You can download the program for free and you can use it for 30 days without spending any money. You can download WTFast for FREE at

Play Dragon's Prophet, It's FREE!

Dragon's Prophet does have some issues but it's still a very interesting game. If you're looking for a new game to play then join me in Dragon's Prophet. You can download the game for free and sign-up for a new free account at

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