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WTFast Torrent Download

WTFast Torrent Download, What Is It?

Honestly, I have no freaking idea what a WTFast torrent download is. The only reason why I'm writing about it is because this blog is getting a ton of traffic from the keyword "WTFast Torrent Download".

So, is there really a thing as a WTFast Torrent Download? As far as I know, there is no such thing as a WTFast Torrent Download. If you want then you can visit the official WTFast website or forum and search for it there but I don't think you'll find anything related to it.

Of course, I could be wrong because it's extremely easy to create a Torrent File using any Bittorrent client or program and name it WTFast Torrent Download.

Why search for a WTFast Torrent Download?

This is a very interesting question because anyone can easily download WTFast setup file or installer for FREE from the official website. It's also not a very big file so creating and distributing it using a torrent file is somewhat silly.

Bittorrent is great in distributing large files like games, movies, etc. but, for a very small program like WTFast, direct download from the official website works. Besides, downloading from the official website is safer than downloading from a torrent file specially if the torrent file didn't came from the official website.

WTFast Torrent Download

Anyway, for those who are really looking for a WTFast Torrent Download then here is one for you. I created a new torrent file from my downloaded copy of WTFastSetup.2.1.1.exe file using uTorrent and uploaded it to FileFactory.

Click here to download WTFast Torrent Download. If you don't want the WTFast Torrent Download then click here to download WTFast from the official website.

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