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United Honor Wrestling In Second Life Part Two

My coverage of United Honor Wrestling In Second Life continues in this post. This time I'm going to talk about the second match which was also a women's wrestling match between Trisha Stratus Easterwood and Maxine Darkwatch.

First of all, the name Trisha Stratus is almost the same as Trish Stratus which is the name used by a former WWE Superstar. Was it a coincidence that their names were almost identical? I don't think so but who cares. They're not exactly the same anyway.

By the way, before I continue with my post. I just want to put up a disclaimer. I just want everyone to know that I wasn't paid nor compensated to write and create a video about United Honor Wrestling. My interest in watching wrestling in Second Life lead me to United Honor Wrestling and, as a blogger, I'm simply blogging about it.

The match between Trisha Stratus and Maxine was also plagued by the same problems seen in the first match. The movements were not fluid and the animations were out of sync most of the time. Again, this is not entirely the fault of the performers nor the wrestling company.

Seriously, if Second Life wasn't lagging all the time then I'm sure that I would had seen an incredible match between the two. Doing an event in Second Life without experiencing any lag is an impossibility.

As for the match, it ended with a disqualification. Trisha Stratus was disqualified because another female wrestler on her side entered the ring and attacked Maxine. The referee had no choice except disqualify her and declare Maxine the winner.

Before leaving the ring, Maxine caught the other female wrestler and planted her head on the ring with a DDT.

The next match was between two male wrestlers but I'm going to save it for another post. If you enjoyed reading this post and it got you interested in Second Life wrestling then check out United Honor Wrestling at Virtual World Network (91,14).

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