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United Honor Wrestling In Second Life

United Honor Wrestling

United Honor Wrestling is a professional wrestling promotion, company or federation in Second Life. I came across this wrestling federation when I did an in-world search for places that were related to wrestling.

The result of my search was enormous because there were so many wrestling related places in Second Life. Most were not really wrestling companies or federations but stores or shops that sell wrestling related items.

I wasn't interested in wrestling stores or shops but I was interested in wrestling companies or federations. My interest in Second Life wrestling was re-ignited by my current interest in watching TNA Impact Wrestling every week.

In the search result, there were some wrestling companies or federations listed. The first one that caught my attention was United Honor Wrestling. I checked it out and, when I got there, a wrestling show was happening.

It was the first match of the show and it was a women's wrestling match. It was my first time watching a wrestling match in Second Life and I was kinda excited about it.

The match was already in its halfway mark and it was a decent match but it wasn't what I was expecting. The wrestler's movements were kinda slow and they tend to pause after doing a move. Their animations were also out of sync.

I guess I can blame Second Life for it because  it was obviously caused by lag. If there were no lag then the moves executed by the two wrestlers would have been much better to watch. The audience would have enjoyed it better as well.

The match ended when one of the girls did a high risk move from the top turn-buckle and pinned the other girl. It was a very nice looking move but Second Life ruined it when it suddenly lagged during the execution of the move.

I stayed on and watched the other matches but I'm going to talk about it in another post. In the meantime, those interested in Second Life wrestling can check out United Honor Wrestling at Virtual World Network (91,14) in Second Life.

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