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Assault Fire Philippines Mech Tutorial

I don't play Assault Fire often but I do play it when I feel like it. Honestly, it's not in my top list of games to play right now. When it comes to Free-To-Play First-Person-Shooting games, my number one game is Blacklight: Retribution followed by Soldier Front 2 then AVA, Assault Fire and finally Crossfire.

Anyway, when I started playing Assault Fire, I also recorded videos of my game plays and, one of those videos, is about Assault Fire's Mech Tutorial. It's a two minute video and it basically shows new players how to pilot a Mech in Assault Fire.

Honestly, piloting a Mech in Assault Fire isn't really that difficult. New players can easily learn how to do it even if they don't go through the Tutorial but, in my case, I always go through the tutorials. For some reason, I find it fun and interesting.

The YouTube video below will show you Assault Fire's Mech Tutorial.

If you want to learn more about Assault Fire Philippines then visit the official website at

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