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United Honor Wrestling In Second Life Part Three

This is the third part of my feature on United Honor Wrestling in Second Life. If this is your first time reading about this topic then it's basically about my visit to United Honor Wrestling where I got a chance to watch one of its show.

The first and second matches where female wrestling matches and watching them was quite interesting. The two matches did suffer from a couple of problems and these were the following:
  1. long delays or pauses between each move and
  2. the wrestling animations of the performers doesn't often sync with each other
Unfortunately, these two problems were still present in the third match between Ranma Yoshiro and Kieran Darkwatch. Even with the existing problems, this match was better than the first two matches.

By the way, Ranma Yoshiro was accompanied to the ring by Curt Bombastic while Kieran Darkwatch was accompanied by Maxine Darkwatch. The two Darkwatches had a very nice ring entrance. Ranma Yoshiro also had his own ring entrance.

This match had a lot of big moves that came from both wrestlers and the upperhand switched back and forth. In the end, Ranma Yoshiro was declared the winner of the match because Kieran Darkwatch was disqualified.

The disqualification was the fault of Curt Bombastic. For some reason, he entered the ring and hit Ranma Yoshiro with a leg sweep. Too bad for him because the referee saw what he did and immediately disqualified Kieran Darkwatch.

Anyway, if you want to see what actually happened in the match then simply watch the YouTube video below.

My next and final video about this particular United Honor Wrestling show will feature the Universal Champion Wolfy Kessel in a Non-Title Match against The Hellhound Kevin Faust.

If you want to see more wrestling from United Honor Wrestling then check them out in Second Life. You'll find the UHW Arena at Virtual World Network (91,14).

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  1. Hey Thanks for Showcasing uHw. As one of the Founders there, I'm always happy to see uHw get some recognition and hoped you enjoyed the Shows. As for Animations, depending on Experience Level, and Lag we Deal with, Sometimes Things don't ALWAYS line up, but we try lol the main point is as long as the fans are entertained

  2. You're welcome. I'm a pro-wrestling fan too. I grew up watching it on TV and now I'm following TNA Impact. I don't watch WWE because it rarely has wrestling on its shows on TV.


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