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Second Life Jousting In The Realm Of Fairport II

Recently, I went to visit the Realm Of Fairport in Second Life to watch some Second Life Jousting. It was my second time in the Realm Of Fairport. The first time I was there was over a year ago and I went there only to watch the Jousting Tournament.

There are hundreds of activities a Second Life resident or member can join and enjoy in Second Life. One of these activities is Jousting. Jousting is a kind of medieval sport where participants ride on horses and attempt to hit their opponents with a long stick or lance.

In Second Life, Jousting Events or Jousting Tournaments are often found in Medieval themed regions like the Realm of Fairport. As far as I know, jousting tournaments are open to everyone who knows how to joust in Second Life.

Jousting Tournaments in the Realm Of Fairport are announced in the SL Jousting Association Group. If I'm not mistaken, this group is open to everyone. Search for the group using Second Life's search feature and join to receive Jousting Tournament announcements or notices in the Realm Of Fairport.

Below is a YouTube video of my recent visit to the Realm Of Fairport. I was there for only one thing and that's to watch the Jousting Tournament.

If you are interested in watching or learning about Jousting in Second Life then you can probably learn how in the Realm Of Fairport. You can find the Realm Of Fairport in Second Life at Realm Of Fairport (128/74/23).

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