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Trapped In A Frozen Rock In Neverwinter

Trapped Or Stuck Inside A Frozen Rock

A few days ago, my Guardian Fighter and his Companion got themselves trapped inside a Frozen Rock formation in Neverwinter. Well, I was the one controlling both of them so I guess it was my fault.

I was searching for the last Icehammer Scout Message when my character suddenly fell into, what looked like, a Frozen Rock formation and I didn't find any way out of it. There were no cracks to slip through and passing through it was impossible.

Inside the frozen rock formation, I could see outside of it like there was no wall but, even though, I could see through it, getting out was out of the question. An invisible wall was preventing my character from getting out of the frozen rock.

If you watch the YouTube video below then you'll see my character trying to get out of the frozen rock formation. Unfortunately, I didn't find any way out of it.

Have you ever gotten your character trapped inside a supposedly solid object like the frozen rock formation that trapped my character? If you did then what did you do to get your character free?

Anyway, I did get my character out of the frozen rock formation and I'll tell you how I did it in my next post. In the meantime, if you're not yet playing Neverwinter then you're missing out on a great game. It's an action-oriented MMO and it's 100% free-to-play.

My character in the game is a Guardian Fighter and his name is Kabalyero. Add me as a friend in-game and I might join you in your adventures (if I feel like partying with other players, of course hehehe).

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