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Drakensang Online In Friendster, A Quick Look

Drakensang Online In Friendster

Yesterday, I had a chance to play Drakensang Online in Friendster. It's a free-to-play browser-based Action-MMORPG developed by Bigpoint Berlin a couple of years ago, I think. It's available in many countries and now it's available to all Friendster users or members.

Are you interested in playing Drakensang Online in Friendster? If you are then simply follow the steps listed below.
  1. Go to Drakensang Online's page in Friendster (
  2. Log-in to your free Friendster account if you already have one and sign-up for a free one if you haven't
  3. Play Drakensang Online in Friendster
Drakensang Online will immediately load in your browser as soon as you log-in to your Friendster account. If you happen to get a security alert because of Java then simply allow it for the game to continue loading.

My Quick Look At Drakensang Online

This is just my quick look at Drakensang Online because I was only able to play it for a few minutes. By the way, Drakensang Online in Friendster is still in Close Beta and that means the game is not yet officially launched.

So, the first thing that greeted me when the game loaded was the Character Setup screen. Drakensang Online's character creator is very simple. It didn't overwhelmed me with too many options which is good because it didn't take too much of my playing time just to create a character.

After creating my character, the game dropped me in the starting area where I fought a bunch of annoying Gremlins. The starting area was very linear. I simply followed the road and it eventually lead me to Drakensang Online's starting town called Grimford.

Drakensang Online's graphics, sounds and music are very decent. The graphics looked nice in my computer and the sounds and music of the game didn't annoy me too much.

Remember, Drakensang Online is already a couple of years old and that's why I didn't expect amazing graphics from it. Besides, my computer can't handle amazing graphics anyway. LOL!

So, the graphics of Drakensang Online was just perfect for my machine.

The game was also very easy to play and the isometric view gave the game a Diablo feel to it. Players who like Diablo-type games will probably like it in Drakensang Online as well.

Drakensang Online is an Action-MMORPG which means it doesn't rely in tab-targeting or auto-targeting. I had to manually target and attack the monsters in the game. If the monsters are not in range then I would move my character closer to hit them.

Moving my character in the game was easy, I did it by moving my mouse and left-clicking on the ground. Also, I attacked and picked-up items with the left-mouse button and executed special attacks with the right-mouse button.

Using these basic commands of moving and attacking, I was able to reach the town of Grimford without any problems. Unfortunately, I stopped playing the game at that point but I will definitely continue playing it at a later time.

Play Drakensang Online in Friendster

Anyway, if you're looking for a nice action-mmorpg that you can play in your browser for free then I suggest that you give Drakensang Online in Friendster a try. The game is still in Close Beta but it's already playable. Just try not to get attached to your character just yet because anything can happen in Close Beta.

To give you a quick look at Drakensang Online, simply watch the YouTube video below.

Remember, you'll need a free Friendster account to play Drakensang Online in Friendster. If you don't have a Friendster account then you can easily create one in less than 30 seconds by signing-up using your Facebook account.

Goodluck and see you next time in Drakensang Online.

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