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Luvinia World, Race To Level 80

SmartBRO's FUP Is No Way Near Fair, It Sucks!

Luvinia World is finally in Open Beta. Unfortunately, I'm not playing it yet. My internet service provider, SmartBRO, throttled my internet speed from 200kbps down to 20kbps. It sucks but there's nothing I can do about it except wait for next month when my internet speed goes back up to 200kbps.

SmartBRO is owned by Smart Telecommunications Philippines which is under PLDT, the biggest telecommunications company in the country, and they screwed their long-time subscribers by implementing this extremely un-Fair Usage Policy.

Seriously! Is 30gb of data a month fair? That's like 1gb of data a day and, for someone who spends 24 hours online like myself, that's extremely low. Besides, I've been a subscriber for almost four years and this capping or limiting of usage didn't exists before.

Anyway, my internet speed is related to why I'm not playing Luvinia World yet. Because of my extremely slow download speed right now, it will take me a few days to finish downloading Luvinia World's game client or installer.

Race To Level 80, Win Great Prizes

I wanted to install Luvinia World as early as possible because I wanted to participate in the Race To Level 80 Event. This is an in-game event where players challenge themselves to reach Level 80 ahead of everyone.

The first player or character to reach Level 80 and complete the Level 80 Job Change starting from Level 1 will get to win $50 worth of SOA Coins. How many SOA Coins is that? I have no idea but I guess it's a lot.

Players or characters that will accomplish the same task before October 1 will get some goodies as well and these goodies are the following:
  • 7,000 SOA Coins
  • a 30 Day Teleportation Book
  • and an 18 Slot Backpack

Play Luvinia World It's FREE

I wanted to play Luvinia World now but, because of my crappy internet speed from SmartBRO and its un-Fair Usage Policy, I'll have to miss the first few days of Luvinia World's Open Beta.

If you have a good internet connection then why not download, install and play Luvinia World. The game is FREE. Give it a shot and, who knows, you might even like it.

Link to download Luvinia World:

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