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Luvinia Online Returns As Luvinia World

Luvinia World Is Here!

I just received an e-mail from SOA Games and it's about Luvinia World. According to the e-mail, SOA Games is launching Luvinia World in Open Beta on August 20, 2013. So, what is Luvinia World?

From what I understand, Luvinia World is the second coming of Luvinia Online. It was first published by Outspark but since Outspark is no more, the game was picked up by SOA Games. As the new publisher of the game, SOA Games changed the name from Luvinia Online to Luvinia World.

Retrieve Your Outspark Accounts

As an added bonus, former Luvinia Online players from Outspark can retrieve their account information. This will let them play their old characters in Luvinia World which is great because they can continue playing the game as if nothing happened.

The link to retrieve your old Luvinia Online Account Information will be made available on the Open Beta launch day of Luvinia World. For more information, visit

Get Ready For Open Beta

Again, the Open Beta launch of Luvinia World is on August 20, 2013. You'll be able to create a new free account on the same day as well but, you can visit the official website now to get more information about the game. To go to the official website of Luvinia World, visit

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