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Luvinia World, Creating My Character

Finally Downloaded And Installed Luvinia World

I wanted to play Luvinia World when it launched last August 20, 2013 but, because SmartBRO throttled my internet speed down to 20kbps, I had to wait a few days before I could finish download Luvinia World's Installer.

SmartBRO sucks because they screwed me by suddenly implementing this Fair Usage Policy which didn't exist when I first subscribe four years ago. The worst part about it the implementation is the fact that I was never informed what my monthly allowable volume usage was.

Anyway, I finished downloading Luvinia World's installer, installed the game, run it, logged-in to my account and created my very first character.

Luvinia World's Character Creator

Luvinia World's character creator was very easy to use. It only took me a minute to create my very first character. The choices are very limited but it made the process simple and easy to finish.

For those players who doesn't want to spend a ton of their time creating a character, Luvinia World's character creator is perfect for them but, for those who want more than just a hair style and hair color, they might feel a little disappointed.

As for me, I love creating unique characters but if the game doesn't have the features for it then it doesn't matter. I'll just simply create my character and play the game.

My Character In Luvinia World

The character that I created in Luvinia World is from the Federal nation of Purean and his name is Kabalyero. He doesn't have a character class or job yet at this point but he'll have one as soon as I start playing the game.

So, if you want to play Luvinia World like me then sign-up for a free account and download the installer at

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