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Slipper Bunnies Killed In Luvinia World, My First Quest

Meeting Antonia In Luvinia World

After creating my character, I was transported to a starting town where I met an NPC named Antonia. Finding her wasn't difficult because she had a Question Mark on top of her head. Obviously, a Question Mark on top of an NPC's head means "Come here, I have a Quest for you". He he he!

I talked to Antonia and I got my first quest from her but I didn't get it immediately. I did encounter some problems with the Window that poped-up because the information were all over the place. After spending a few minutes looking at it, I figured out what to click to get the quest.

Kill 4 Slipper Bunnies

The quest had something to do with Slipper Bunnies. Antonia wants me to kill 4 Slipper Bunnies because these cute creatures were ruining the Academy's Garden. Seriously? Can't the Academy just build better fences or walls? Why kill such cute and adorable creatures?

Beginner Warrior Class Chosen

So, I got the quest from Antonia but before I could continue I was asked to choose a Beginner Class. There were three Beginner Classes to choose from and these were the Beginner Warrior, Beginner Magician and Beginner Rogue.

I chose the Beginner Warrior Class because it's my favorite class. You'll never see me playing a Magician, an Archer, a Rogue or any other classes in any MMORPG.

I like the Warrior Class because it's very easy to use, it's tough and it's always at the front line of any battle. I do die a lot playing as a Warrior in any MMORPG but, I don't care, I'll just go back to the fight and probably die again. Ha ha ha!

Luvinia World's Auto-Path Feature

Luvinia World has an Auto-Path feature. Honestly, I don't know what it's called in the game but I just call it Auto-Path feature. It's a feature that automatically makes a player character runs to the location of the quest. It's a very cool feature but it's also a feature that makes players extremely lazy.

MMORPG worlds are meant to be explored. Players are supposed to get lost when they're doing their quest. It's part of the game that makes players learn and know more about the world they're playing in.

An Auto-Path feature removes the sense of exploration from MMORPGs. Why? Players don't need to remember anything about the world anymore because they can find anything by simply using the game's Auto-Path feature.

How To Use Luvinia World's Auto-Path Feature?

Using Luvinia World's Auto-Path Feature is EASY. One way of using it is by opening your Quest List window and clicking on the linked words in the Quest Information. For example, if the linked words are Slipper Bunnies then clicking it will make your character run to where Slipper Bunnies are located.

In this quest, I did use the Auto-Path feature and, after clicking on the linked Slipper Bunnies words in the Quest Information, all I did next was watched my character run to the Slipper Bunnies location.

Killed 4 Slipper Bunnies

When I got to where the Slipper Bunnies were, I immediately attacked and killed four of them. I wasn't happy killing these poor creatures but there was nothing I could do about it. If I don't kill them then I won't be able to complete or finish my first quest.

By the way, killing these Slipper Bunnies was extremely easy. Newbies won't have any problems disposing any of them. If you're a newbie and you encountered problems killing Slipper Bunnies then I think you should simply stop playing Luvinia World. LOL!

Completing My First Quest

I completed my first quest by killing all 4 Slipper Bunnies. I returned to Antonia using the Auto-Path feature and told her about my successfully finished quest. She rewarded me with money, experience points and SP. I also received a new quest from her and it involved finding an NPC named Etias but that story is for another time.

So, did you enjoy reading about my first quest in Luvinia World? If you did then why not join me in exploring Luvinia World. It's a colorful world with tons of places to explore, lots of treasures to uncover and hordes of monsters to kill.

To sign-up for a free Luvinia World account and to download the installer, go to

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