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Soldier Front 2 Must Release Frequent Updates To Beat Hackers

Hacking In MOFPS Games

Hacking or cheating in multiplayer online first-person-shooting games like Soldier Front 2 is very common. Many players are willing to risk their accounts in using these hacks and cheats for some quick gratification. It's kinda sad but it's true.

They even spend money on these hacks which is kinda backwards because, instead of supporting the developers and publishers of the game they love to play by spending money in the Item Shop, they'll rather use their money to support hack developers by buying their hacks.

Gom Hack Is Currently Not Working But Maker Is Updating It

As of this writing, Gom Hack for Soldier Front 2 is not working because the game just had an update. These update temporarily killed Gom Hack and freed the game from hack users or cheaters. I used the word temporarily because the creator of Gom Hack is also updating his hack for the game.

Gom Hack Updating

As you can see, game developers and publishers can beat hack developers, creators and users. How? By simply releasing regular updates to their game. Of course, hack developers like the creator of Gom Hack can fight back by also updating their hacks whenever the game is updated but if they'll have to update it almost everyday then their users will get annoyed and eventually stop supporting them.

Stop Hackers By Updating The Game Regularly (If Not Daily)

As a gamer and a player of Soldier Front 2, I don't care if the game updates itself everyday as long as these updates will keep all hackers out. Having the game updated regularly, if not everyday, is the only way to stop hackers from getting in.

Stopping hackers by regularly updating the game is better than players reporting hack users or hackers or cheaters in the game. Look, if they can't use their hacks because the game was updated again then it doesn't matter anymore if they have the hacking program or not.

Play Fair

Seriously, these hackers are not even hackers they're just cheaters. I'm a terrible FPS player but you'll never get me to use those hacks just to win some stupid game or match. Who cares if my K/D is terrible? I don't. So, play fair and if you must cheat then play a single player FPS and cheat yourself.

Soldier Front 2

Anyway, to learn more about Soldier Front 2, visit the official website at Create a free Aeria Games account, download, install and play the game.

By the way, support the game if you like it by purchasing in the Item Shop.

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  1. Expecting developers to update their game everyday to beat hackers is highly improbable.

  2. That is certainly true. BTW, gomhack hasn't even updated yet. But the EU soldier front 2 had a major hack get released and 48 hours later they patched it. Not bad considering the hack wasn't well known.


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