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How To Setup Soldier Front 2 In WTFast?

What is WTFast?

WTFast is an amazing and simple program that will let you play your favorite online game without any lag. It does this by connecting you to your game through one of its servers in its Gamers Private Network. In other words, it works like a VPN or Virtual Private Network but it's specially used for games.

Soldier Front 2

Besides reducing lag, you can also use WTFast to bypass country blocks or IP blocks. For example, Aeria Games is blocking European players from accessing Soldier Front 2 because the game is licensed to another company in Europe.

If they want then EU players can use WTFast to bypass Aeria Games country or IP block. WTFast will connect them to the game from a server located in the US.

Where to get WTFast?

Those interested in reducing their game lag in Soldier Front 2 or just want to bypass Aeria Games country block or IP block can download the program for free at It's a very small program and it will only take them a few minutes to download and install it.

After installing WTFast, players can run it by simply double-clicking on its desktop icon. To activate WTFast's free 30 days trial, all they have to do is use "Free Trial" as their login name. After logging-in to WTFast, the next thing they need to do is setup Soldier Front 2 because, as of this writing, it's still not recognized by the program.

How to setup Soldier Front 2 in WTFast?

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to setup Soldier Front 2 in WTFast.
  • Download, install and run WTFast (
  • Login using "Free Trial" to activate the program's free 30 days trial
  • In WTFast window, click Custom then click on Add
  • In the New Custom Game window, set the Game executable file to \SoldierFront2\Binaries\Win32\sf2.exe
  • Check Run with Launcher and set it to \SoldierFront2\DFUBG.exe
  • Click OK
  • Choose the best or closest server to Canada because Aeria Games game servers are in Canada (I think but I could be wrong)
  • Click Play
  • WTFast will immediately try to load or run Soldier Front 2
For those who are having problems following the instructions above, please see the screenshots below. Simply follow the screenshots to setup Soldier Front 2 in WTFast.

Still getting confused? Here is a YouTube video that clearly shows how to setup Soldier Front 2 in WTFast. If the step-by-step guide and the screenshots didn't help then, hopefully, the YouTube video below will.

Reduce Lag and/or Bypass Country and IP Blocks

As shown and mentioned above, WTFast is a great program because it can be used to reduce lag and bypass country or IP blocks. Soldier Front 2 players will definitely benefit from using it because they can use it to improve their ping or, if they're in Europe then they can use it to bypass the country block of Aeria Games.

Download WTFast for free at and start playing like a PRO in Soldier Front 2.

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