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Soldier Front 2, Free Hack From Gom Hack, WTF!

Soldier Front 2 Ruined By Gom Hack

When Soldier Front 2 started its Open Beta period, players who were using the Soldier Front 2 Free Hack from Gom Hack suddenly appeared and they were not hiding it. Because it was free, many players started using this Soldier Front 2 Free Hack from Gom Hack and it turned the game into a joke.

Free Hacks:

Running around and killing everyone with their Soldier Front 2 Free Hack from Gom Hack ruined the fun and enjoyment of many players who were playing the game. Seriously, getting killed by a hack user over-and-over again is not fun. It's frustrating, annoying and it can make you want to punch someone. ^_^

Free Hack From Gom Hack

This particular Soldier Front 2 Free Hack from Gom Hack is free because those who use the free version of the hack are used by the creator of Gom Hack to advertise the hack inside the game. It's a very blatant yet brave move by the creator of Gom Hack. It's like he was challenging the developers and publisher of Soldier Front 2 to stop his hack.

Free Hacks:

Of course, the Free Hack from Gom Hack has its limits but it has enough features to annoy and ruin the game. Players who are using it are parading it like they're untouchable or unbannable. Getting exposed as a hacker or cheater is nothing to them.

They're not afraid of getting banned from the game because the Free Hack from Gom Hack replaces their names with an advertisement of the hack (see screenshots).

Soldier Front 2 Hack Infested

Soldier Front 2 is infested with hack users. The only difference between these Free Hack from Gom Hack users from other hack users is that these other hack users are more discreet. They're not blatantly using their hacks inside the game.

Anyway, if you are interested in getting this hack to help ruin the game of Soldier Front 2 further then simply click on this link -> Free Hack from Gom Hack.

Free Hack Users In YouTube

Here are videos of Soldier Front 2 showing players that used the Free Hack from Gom Hack in the game.

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