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How To Move Your Copy Of Soldier Front 2 To STEAM

Soldier Front 2 Now In STEAM But Region Locked

 Soldier Front 2 is now in STEAM. This was the announcement made by GMDevo in the official Aeria Games' Soldier Front 2 forum. This announcement made me happy because I like installing my games from STEAM because it's very easy to back-up and restore installed games in STEAM.

When I checked my STEAM client for Soldier Front 2, the game wasn't listed under the Free-To-Play section. Actually, it wasn't listed at all. The latest Free-To-Play game listed in my STEAM client was Match Of War. Soldier Front 2 was nowhere to be found.

I know the game is in STEAM because it was announced by a GM in the official Aeria Games Soldier Front 2 forum but it wasn't showing in my STEAM client. After a few minutes of thinking, I asked myself this question, "What if the game is region locked by STEAM?"

Bypassing STEAM's Region Lock For Soldier Front 2

To answer this question, I installed HotspotShield and run STEAM again. With HotspotShield running, my STEAM client stopped hiding Soldier Front 2 from me. It appeared as the latest game under the Free-To-Play section.

(Soldier Front 2 didn't appear in the Free-To-Play list of my STEAM client)

I used HotspotShield because it's one of the more popular VPN service provider and it has a free option. For those who also want to bypass STEAM's Region Lock for Soldier Front 2 but don't want to install HotspotShield then they can use other VPN service providers as long as it's in the US.

Moving My Copy Of Soldier Front 2 To STEAM

 Moving my installed copy of Soldier Front 2 to STEAM was extremely easy. I simply did the following:
  • Copied the installation folder of Soldier Front 2 which was \SoldierFront2
  • Pasted it in my STEAM installation folder under \Steam\steamapps\common
  • Run HotspotShield to bypass STEAM's Region Lock
  • Run STEAM
  • Clicked on STORE > GAMES > Free To Play
After clicking on PLAY GAME, the installation process started. STEAM checked and found an existing folder for SoldierFront2 and used it. STEAM didn't download anymore files because my copy of Soldier Front 2 was already updated.

Soldier Front 2 Installed In STEAM

Now I use STEAM to launch Soldier Front 2. STEAM also linked my Aeria Games account to itself which means I don't have to input or type my username and password to login to Soldier Front 2. STEAM will automatically log me in whenever I want to play Soldier Front 2.

Soldier Front 2 In STEAM

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