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Cheater In Soldier Front 2 Admits To Cheating

Cheater In Soldier Front 2

A cheater admitted to cheating in Soldier Front 2 and he's also surprised why he's NOT yet banned from the game.

The game was Team Deathmatch and the map was the Dam. A player named Sauce6002 was headshotting my team as if we were all standing still. Just take a look at the screenshots below.

5 players down in a few seconds!

Nope, make that 7 players down in a few seconds!

He dropped 5 to 7 players in a few seconds with headshots. I've seen great players take headshots like it was nothing but this guy was ridiculous.

Admits To Cheating

The sad part about it was the fact that he was proud of what he was doing. He openly admitted that he was cheating and he himself was surprised that Aeria Games hasn't banned him yet. He even claimed that he also has cheats for AVA which is another game published by Aeria Games. WTF!

Admits he has cheats for AVA too!

Seriously? Cheating? Getting called a noob is a hundred times better than getting called a cheater. At least, a noob is trying to play the game and learn it without resorting to using third party programs like hacks and cheats.

Left The Game Or Match

Well, I had no choice but to leave the game or match because there was already no point in playing in it anymore. I don't like leaving or deserting an on-going game or match but playing with a cheater is NOT what I would call fun. Obviously, gathering kills with his cheat was fun for him but it wasn't fun for me.

I'm not a very good FPS player but cheating is something that I'll never do in a game cheating isn't fun. It's also isn't fun for the other players. In fact, it's annoying and disruptive.

Unfortunately, there's really nothing I can do about cheaters and cheating in Soldier Front 2. That's why it's better to leave the game or match than get frustrated and mad.

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With less lag, you'll at least get a better chance of killing these cheaters before they kill you. Of course, if you already have a very low ping in Soldier Front 2 then it might not work for you but if you are in the red then why not give it a try.

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  1. the game uses unreal
    unreal games are easy to hack
    so expect a lot of cheaters


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