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Ragnarok 2 Download And Play For FREE

Ragnarok 2 Download

As of this writing, Ragnarok Online 2 or simply Ragnarok 2 is available in two regions. SEA and NA (Southeast Asia and North America). If you are a player in the USA or Canada then your Ragnarok 2 Download is in the NA region. For players in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, their Ragnarok 2 Download is in the SEA region.

If you are outside of these two regions then, unfortunately, there is no available Ragnarok 2 Download regions for you. You can still download Ragnarok 2 for the NA and SEA region but downloading the game is totally different from playing it.

Ragnarok 2 Download For The NA Region

Ragnarok 2 is published in North America by WarpPortal. If you are in North America like the USA or Canada then your Ragnarok 2 Download is provided by WarpPortal. You'll also nee to create a new WarpPortal account to play in their Ragnarok 2 server.

About country blocks and IP blocks, from what I've read from WarpPortal's Ragnarok 2 forum, WarpPortal is not going to service the SEA region because of AsiaSoft/PlayPark's Ragnarok 2 SEA. If you're from the SEA region and wants to play in the NA server of Ragnarok 2 then you'll need to get around the country or IP block.

Ragnarok 2 Download For The SEA Region

In SEA, Ragnarok 2 is published by AsiaSoft/PlayPark. The problem with Ragnarok 2 SEA is that it doesn't service the entire SEA region. Its Ragnarok 2 service is only for players in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Players from other SEA countries not mentioned are blocked from playing the game.

In my opinion, blocking SEA players not in the four mentioned SEA countries is a crappy move by AsiaSoft. Why even call it Ragnarok 2 SEA when it's not open to all SEA players? AsiaSoft should have just called it Ragnarok 2 MSTV (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam).

Getting Around Ragnarok 2 Country Blocks

If you're from a country blocked by both Ragnarok 2 NA and Ragnarok 2 SEA then you'll need to get around the block in order to play the game. To do that, you'll need to use a program like WTFast.

WTFast will let you play Ragnarok 2 from any of the two regions by connecting you to Ragnarok 2 from a VPN server that is closest to the game. For example, if you want to play in Ragnarok 2 SEA then using WTFast you can connect to the game from a VPN server in Singapore.

By the way, downloading WTFast is FREE and it also comes with a 30 Days Free Trial. So, why not get WTFast today and start playing in any region of Ragnarok 2.

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