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Assault Fire PH Downloaded, Installed, Played

Downloaded and Installed Assault Fire PH

A few days ago I visited Level Up's website and learned that it has added a new game. The game is called Assault Fire and it's a multiplayer online first-person-shooting game. I'm not good in FPS games but I do enjoy playing them and that is why I downloaded and installed this one.

Level Up's Assault Fire PH download and installation uses Pando Media Booster. It's a P2P third party program that works like BitTorrent. I have no problem with downloading games using Pando Media Booster but there are people who doesn't like it because it stays in the background and uses the users' internet connection without them noticing it.

With my download speed of around 150kb to 200kb per second, I finished downloading the game in more or less four hours.

Quickly Played Assault Fire PH

After downloading and installing, I quickly played the game. As a newbie, I went through both Tutorial Missions where I learned the basics of the game like moving, shooting and using a mech. I also spent a few rounds playing in the Novice Guide PvP Course. The enemies were all bots but it was fun and it was a good place to practice.

Of course, I didn't stop there. I went to the lobby and joined in a few games. I tried Search and Destroy and Team Deathmatch. Search and Destroy was very much like playing Counter-Stike and Team Deathmatch was exactly what I expected.

Assault Fire has more game modes but I wasn't able to try them all. Maybe next time.

Assault Fire PH Videos

Anyway, I made a couple of videos of myself playing Assault Fire. Check them out below.

To learn more about Assault Fire PH and to play it for FREE, click here.

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  1. pwde ba laruin ito nsa japan ako now..

  2. mr kabalyero... di ko po ma e download. dito ako australia. player po ako nya sa pinas pa ako. ung tank tdm ang gusto ko. posible po ba dito download sa australia? please reply.

  3. Can you help because I can't play... it always says can't connect to server....


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