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My Winged Arrod Mount In RaiderZ

Winged Arrod Mount Received

While my copy of RaiderZ was still patching itself, I opened the official website of RaiderZ and redeemed the code that gave me a Winged Arrod Mount in the game. The patching took a couple of hours because my installed copy of RaiderZ was very, very outdated.

After the game finished patching itself, I logged-in to my account, selected a character and checked my in-game mail. Voila! My new Winged Arrod Mount was attached to an e-mail from Perfect World Entertainment.

I took my Winged Arrod Mount from my character's inventory and placed it on an available skill slot. Now I have a Black Arrod Mount and a Winged Arrod Mount. How cool is that?

Abilities Of A Winged Arrod Mount

The Winged Arrod Mount increases movement or travel speed by 50% and it also grants two skills, Light-Speed Dash and Charge skills. The abilities of the Winged Arrod Mount are exactly the same as the Black Arrod Mount. They only differ in name and appearance but their abilities are the same.

Regardless of having the same abilities, having two different looking Arrod Mounts is very cool because, with two different mounts, travelling across the different areas just became less boring. I can switch between the two whenever I feel bored looking at them on my screen. LOL!

Are They Worth Getting The Founder's Pack?

The Winged Arrod Mount is exactly the same as the White Arrod Mount only with wings. Except for the wings, there is really nothing special about the Winged Arrod Mount. So, is it worth getting the Founder's Pack for? Yes, because the Winged Arrod Mount was never part of the original RaiderZ Founder's Pack.

If Perfect World Entertainment will continue to give us RaiderZ Founders special gifts no matter how trivial they are then I can say that getting or buying a RaiderZ Founders Pack was worth the money.

My Winged Arrod Mount (YouTube Video)

Screenshots Of My Winged Arrod Mount

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