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I'm Getting A Winged Arrod Mount In RaiderZ

Winged Arrod Mount

When I checked my e-mail today, I noticed an unopened/unread e-mail from RaiderZ. The subject of the e-mail was "Unique Item For RaiderZ Founders". Whoa! I can't remember the last time I played RaiderZ but this e-mail might just make me login to my account again.

Unique Item For RaiderZ Founders

The unique item that was mentioned in the e-mail was a Winged Arrod Mount and it's available only to those players who availed of the RaiderZ Founders Pack. If you're not a RaiderZ Founder then you can still get the exact same mount from the Item Shop but without the wings.

It's The Same As The White Arrod Mount

Unfortunately, some RaiderZ Founders complained that the Winged Arrod Mount looked exactly the same as the White Arrod Mount and they were right. The only thing that differentiate the two mounts was the wings on the Winged Arrod Mount.

(White Arrod Mount. Image Credit: RaiderZ)

Regardless of how the Winged Arrod Mount looked, I still want it because it's absolutely FREE! Of course, I'll get one myself because I'm also a RaiderZ Founder. I'm just waiting for my copy of RaiderZ to finish patching itself.

Are You Playing RaiderZ?

Honestly, I'm currently NOT playing RaiderZ. Why? Because of Neverwinter. RaiderZ is an amazing game but, currently, Neverwinter is much better. Don't get me wrong, I like both games because both are Action-MMORPGs but right now I like to play Neverwinter more than RaiderZ.

Anyway, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't play or try RaiderZ. It's a good game and it's Free-To-Play.

To learn more about RaiderZ and to start playing it for FREE, click here!

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  1. I got one too. Since I don't play this anymore I would be willing to trade it for zen as I now play Neverwinter, Hit me up homies/estesses/peapods.


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