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Commander Founder Pack Bought, Soldier Front 2

Soldier Front 2 Founder Packs

Recently, I bought a Commander Founder Pack from Aeria Games. This particular Founder Package is for the game called Soldier Front 2. The game is still in Close Beta but Aeria Games is already offering 4 different Founder Packs and they are listed below along with their cost.

  • Recruitment Founder Pack - 1,500 AP or $15 USD
  • Lieutenant Founder Pack - 3,700 AP or $37 USD
  • Commander Founder Pack - 7,500 AP or $75 USD
  • Heroism Founder Pack - 15,000 AP or $150 USD
I wanted to buy the Heroism Founder Pack but I couldn't because I only had 12,000 AP in my Aeria Games account. Instead, I settled for the Commander Founder Pack and it only cost me 7,500 AM to get it. Was I happy with my purchase? Of course, specially when I didn't spend a single dollar on it. He he he!

My 12,000 AP From Aeria Games

Yes, I had 12,000 AP in my Aeria Games account but I didn't buy it. It was given to me by Aeria Games when they converted my Razer Keyboard prize to AP. The prize came from a contest held by Aeria Games during the Open Beta of Eden Eternal.

I was lucky enough win the Razer Keyboard but Aeria Games converted it to AP because they don't ship items overseas. It sucks because I kinda wanted the Razer Keyboard more than the AP because I wasn't really playing any Aeria Games back then.

Soldier Front 2

When I learned about Soldier Front 2, I immediately downloaded, installed and played it because I like playing first-person-shooting games and guess what? I liked it. The game was very easy to play and the controls were very, very smooth. I was also lagging but the lag wasn't extremely bad because the game was still playable.

After a few hours of playing Soldier Front 2, I decided to spend some AP on it simply because I enjoyed playing it. I had 12,000 AP in my Aeria Games account and I used 7,500 of it on the Commander Founder Pack. It's a very cool Founder Pack with tons of cool items. These cool items are listed below:
  • Crimson Mamba Perm
  • "Lucie" Crossbow Perm
  • "Lucie" Grenade Perm
  • "Lucie" Pistol Perm
  • Founder's Spray Perm
  • and other temporary goodies

Players Hating On Founders

Unfortunately, being a Founder or buying and using any of the Founder Packs has its negative side as well. For example, there are players who look down on Founders because they spent money on the game and I don't understand it.

What these hating freeloaders must understand is that fact that if no one buys any items with real money from the game's Item Mall then the game that they love to play for FREE won't exist at all. In reality, these haters must thank those players who spend money on the game because these spenders are keeping the game alive.

Play Soldier Front 2, It's A Fun Game

Anyway, Soldier Front 2 is a fun game to play. Don't worry if you're not good at first-person-shooting games because you'll eventually learn how to play it. Besides, Soldier Front 2 is extremely easy to play. If other players call you NOOB for sucking then just ignore it. They can't do anything to you. LOL!

By the way, if you are lagging in the game then I suggest you use WTFast. WTFast is a program that will connect you to Soldier Front 2 through a VPN server that's closest to the game's server. It will greatly reduce your lag and you can download it for FREE at

See you Soldier in Soldier Front 2 and if you see me in game then please don't kill me, okay? ^_^

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