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Weapon Of War Philippines

Downloaded And Installed Weapons Of War Philippines

Today, I downloaded and installed a locally published MMORPG. It's called Weapon Of War and it's a Free-To-Play MMORPG published by GameClub Philippines. The game looks old but I still downloaded and installed it.

Downloading the game client or installer of Weapon of War was easy and fast because it was only 682 MB. Of course, if your internet connection is provided by SmartBRO or MyBRO and you've used up your so called "allocated volume usage" then your crawling internet connection speed will make it longer to download. LOL!

Anyway, after downloading the installer, I immediately installed and run it. The game launcher loaded and it immediately patched the game. The patching process only took a few minutes. After that, I logged-in to my account and started the game.

My GPU Temp Rose To 75° Celcius

While the game was trying to connect to a server, I noticed something weird with my GPU Temperature Monitor. It was rising at an alarming rate. It rose from 44° C to 75° C. I immediately closed the game as soon as it reached 75° C because I didn't want to damage my video card.

I play a lot of games and many of them are much, much newer than Weapon Of War but it's the only game that made my GPU reached such a high temperature. If my memory is correct, 60° C was the previous high and it happened while playing RaiderZ.

In any case, I felt that 75° C was too high for a game like Weapons Of War.

Uninstalled Weapons Of War

Because of the extremely high temperature created by Weapons Of War on my GPU, I decided to immediately uninstall it. As much as I want to play the game, I just can't risk damaging my video card because of it.

Of course, I wouldn't discourage anyone from downloading, installing and playing Weapon Of War just because of my experience with it. Maybe my computer that can run games like Neverwinter, APB: Reloaded, RIFT, SWTOR, DCUO, etc. is simply not compatible with the game.

To learn more about Weapon Of War Philippines, click here.

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  1. maybe your computer is old
    buy a new computer or upgrade it

  2. ahahahah,
    try to enter game, then configure the graphics and music background
    :) I played it to my netbook since 2011, so far okay naman xa!!!

  3. how to speed patch my WEAPONS OF WAR PH"?


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