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Divine Souls, Street Fighter-like MMO?

I came across this new MMO called Divine Souls when I created my Any.TV account. The publisher of the game calls it a Street Fighter-like MMO but it's really more like an Action-MMO like Dragon Nest, Vindictus and Neverwinter.

Divine Souls

I haven't actually played the game but I've seen two YouTube videos of it already. One of the videos showed how or what combat will look and feel in Divine Souls and, based on what I saw, I can say that it's pretty intense (see the YouTube video below).

The other video that I watched was a tour of the starting city. It's a pretty nice looking city and it has everything a player will need in the game like portals and merchant NPCs (see the YouTube video below).

Based on what was shown in the YouTube videos, the game's graphics is decent for a Free-To-Play MMO but, if you compare that to Neverwinter which is another Free-To-Play Action-MMO, it's kinda inferior. The same goes with the starting city. Neverwinter has a huge city with stunning graphics and artwork.

Will I try Divine Souls? Definitely. Why? Because, Action-MMO games are fun to play. It's very different from your typical "target an enemy and execute special attacks". An Action-MMO gives players more freedom in combat.

Anyway, if you are interested in learning more about Divine Souls then simply visit the game's official website.

As for being Street Fighter-like? Nah. It's definitely not Street Fighter-like but the action does look promising because of its combat's combo system.

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