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Cheap MP5 Player, GamePlayer

Do you love playing games? Obviously, I love playing games. That's why I recently bought a cheap MP5 player from Unfortunately, it wasn't for me. I bought it for my 9 year old son as a gift because, like me, he also loves to play games.

I found this cheap MP5 Player while searching for a cheap portable video game player in I wasn't really familiar with MP5 Players but, when I saw what it can do, I immediately looked for a cheap one and that's how I found this cheap MP5 Player.

Features Of This Cheap MP5 Player

The name of this cheap MP5 Player in is "Portable 4.3 Inch TFT 4GB 4.0MP MP5 Player Game Console with TV-OUT/FM Radio - Black" and it has the following features:
  • Lightweight, easy to take and play with
  • Designed with Hi-Fi technology which can satisfy your requirements of high quality sound reproduction
  • 4.3 inch resistive TFT screen
  • FM radio function
  • TV-OUT function
  • 4.0MP rear camera
  • This game console can access a wide range of digital functions including games, audios, videos, photos...
  • This MP5 players become more and more popular among young fashion people
  • A perfect gift for your sweetheart, friends or family members 

Payment And Delivery

I paid $29.50 USD for this cheap MP5 Player and I got it after 15 days because it was sent via Postal Mail. I paid the Post Office 50 pesos to claim it which is not bad at all. It's better than paying customs fees. LOL! accepts PayPal which makes it very easy to buy and pay for things online. If you don't have PayPal then you can use your Credit Card or send your payment via Western Union.

Unboxing The Cheap MP5 Player

 The unit was very securely wrapped and it was still inside the box. It came with the following items:
  • 1 CD
  • 1 USB Line
  • 1 Earphone
  • 1 AC Charger
  • 1 AV Cable
  • 1 User Manual

 The CD contains drivers for Windows OS that are lower than Windows 7. The USB Line is for transferring  data from the MP5 Player to your PC (vice versa). It's also for charging. The AC Charger is for charging the unit using external electric outlets. The AV Cable is for connecting the unit to your Television and the User Manual is for your reading pleasure. LOL.

Using The Cheap MP5 Player

The unit is extremely easy to use. It's so easy that you don't even need to read the manual. To start the unit, all I had to do was press and hold the START button. The unit said HELLO and then WELCOME before it displayed the Main Screen.

The top part of the screen has some games displayed on it while the bottom part has the Main Menu. Navigating the screen is done by using the D-Pad (Directional Pad) or the Analog Stick. Selecting a menu item is done by pressing the O button while pressing the X button returns the screen to its previous display.

Playing A Game

For this unit, I will focus on playing games which is very easy to do. To play a game, I can choose from the games that are displayed on top of the screen or I can choose one from the Games Menu item.

Choosing a game from the Games Menu Item is better than choosing a game from those displayed on the Main Screen because the Main Screen can only display 12 different games. This cheap MP5 Player has 76 built-in games to choose from and you can only choose them by going through the Games Menu Item.

Classic Games Or Games On Demand

The Games Menu has two items. The first one is Classic Games and the other one is Games On Demand.

Classic Games contains 76 built-in games while Games On Demand are games copied into the internal memory. The unit has 4 GB of internal memory and you can use all of it to store game files. The game files supported by this cheap MP5 Player are NES, SNES, GBA, PSP and others.

You can download various game files from the internet. These game files are also called ROMs.

Better Gaming Experience

This cheap MP5 Player comes with an AV cable which means I can connect it to our television for a better gaming experience. Obviously, playing games on television is better because the screen is bigger.

When the unit is connected to a television, changes from a handheld device into a controller and console. The display screen of the unit also turns itself off because the game is already displayed on the television.

With the unit's display screen off, the battery will last longer than when it's turned on.

My only complaint about the AV cable is that it's very, very short. My son had to sit very close to the television while playing.

It's Fun, Easy To Use And It's Cheap

A used Gameboy Advance can cost me up to $30 USD and my son can only play GBA games on it. With this cheap MP5 Player, my son can only not play GBA games, he can play NES, SNES and even PSP games as well.

The price is very cheap but the unit itself doesn't look nor feel cheap. It looks very sturdy and if used properly then it can last a very very long time.

So, if you want to give your kids something nice to play with then why not buy them this cheap MP5 Player. Click here to buy it on

Item Reviewed: Portable 4.3 Inch TFT 4GB 4.0MP MP5 Player Game Console with TV-OUT/FM Radio
Reviewer: Romelo Itong
Summary: Video Player, MP3 Player, Gaming Console and more.
Description: This is a cheap MP5 Player that can do almost anything from playing music to playing games.
Rating: 4.5

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