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Star Trek 2009 And Star Trek Online

Star Trek 2009 is a movie about Star Trek. It's different from previous movies because Star Trek 2009 doesn't feature any actors or actress from the television series except maybe for Leonard Nimoy. Another thing that makes Star Trek 2009 different is the fact that it doesn't follow the original story of Star Trek.Star Trek 2009 is more like a re-telling of the Star Trek story.

 By the way, I'm referring to it as Star Trek 2009 to differentiate it from the original movie Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Besides, I've seen all the previous Star Trek Movies from Star Trek: The Motion Picture to Star Trek: Nemesis. If I refer to Star Trek 2009 simply as Star Trek then it might confuse some people, including me. LOL!

So, what does Star Trek 2009 got to do with Star Trek Online? Well, in a way, Star Trek Online follows Star Trek 2009 specially with Star Trek Online's Season 7: New Romulus. If you are wondering what happened after the Romulan Homeworld was destroyed then you can learn more about it by playing Star Trek Online.

Season 7: New Romulus was released last November 2012 and it added a lot of things to the game like the Tau Dewa Sector, a new Romulan Homeworld, Fleet Embassy, a reputation system and the final Bork Collective mission "Into The Hive".

As you can see, Star Trek 2009 and Star Trek Online are very much related and connected with each other. Although, the two exists in different alternate realities because, in Star Trek Online, Planet Vulcan was never destroyed by Captain Nero.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to Stat Trek Online's upcoming expansion, Legacy of Romulus. It will introduced a third faction to the game, the Romulans. I'm also looking forward to Star Trek 2009's sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness.

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