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Marketplace Second Life And Linden Dollars

One of the best place where you can make or earn Linden Dollars is the Marketplace Second Life. The Marketplace is where you can sell or buy items in Second Life. If you're a creator or a builder and you're selling you're creations in-world then you should also list them in Marketplace Second Life.

Why Marketplace Second Life?

The answer to the question above is very simple. The reason why you should list your items in Marketplace Second Life is because of the fact that hundreds, if not thousands, of people visit and buy items from it.

Listing your items in Marketplace Second Life is FREE but Linden Lab do take a small commission from each sale made in the Marketplace. Still, the commission is a small price to pay for the convenience provided by the Marketplace to all Second Life members, buyers and sellers alike.

Earning Linden Dollars

As a member and builder in Second Life, I sell some of my items in the Marketplace. Some of the items that I sell in the Marketplace Second Life are FREE and some are not. The free items that I sell in the Marketplace work like a demo. If the buyer of the free item or items like it then he or she can choose to buy the paid version of the free item.

Buying the paid version of the item or items earn me some Linden Dollars. The same goes to the Free version of the item or items that I'm selling because they act like a marketing tool that promotes the paid version of the item or items.

List, Wait And Earn

If you are a creator in Second Life then you must definitely take advantage of the Marketplace. Simply list your item, make them active, wait for people to buy your item and earn Linden Dollars. It's that simple.

Of course, you'll also need to learn how to properly list your items in Marketplace Second Life. Don't worry, if you can write scripts or build items in Second Life then learning how to list your items in the Marketplace is a piece of cake.

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  1. marketplace second life? do you mean "second life marketplace"?


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