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Neverwinter Open Beta Is Coming

I just received an e-mail from Perfect World Entertainment informing everyone who are subscribed or registered to Neverwinter about the date of it's upcoming Open Beta launch. According to the e-mail, Neverwinter Open Beta will launch this coming April 30th, 2013.

Obviously, this e-mail from Perfect World Entertainment was not an April Fool's joke because it was sent on April 5, 2013. April Fool's jokes are always sent on the actual day itself which is April 1. Besides, April 30, 2013 is a very believable date.

Looking Forward To Neverwinter Open Beta

Are you excited to play in Neverwinter Open Beta? I can't say that I'm excited but I'm very much looking forward to it. I did play in the Close Beta Weekends of Neverwinter but I didn't spend a lot of time playing the game because I know my character will be wiped at the end of it.

This coming Open Beta, I'll definitely play much longer because character wipes won't happen anymore. Character wipes suck because it takes away everything. If there weren't any character wipes in Close Beta then I would have played longer than a few hours.

Play It, It's FREE

Neverwinter is Free-To-Play. It will have an item shop or a cash shop where you can buy items using a currency that you can buy with real-money but it's not a requirement. It will also not take away the fun out of Neverwinter. It will just make it more interesting.

What about you? Are you looking forward to playing Neverwinter? Share your thoughts, views, opinions and comments below.

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