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Scarlet Blade, Now In Open Beta

Recently, Aeria Games informed all their registered members about the Open Beta release of Scarlet Blade. It's Aeria Game's latest Sci-Fi/Fantasy MMORPG and, from what I've seen in the different videos posted in YouTube, Scarlet Blade's main selling point is the characters.

If you have seen the YouTube videos of Scarlet Blade then you will have an idea of what I'm talking about. If not then I'll tell you. You see, all the Scarlet Blade videos that I've seen in YouTube features female characters with really large bouncing boobs in skimpy clothing.

Unfortunately, I haven't played Scarlet Blade yet because, as of this writing, I'm still in the process of downloading the game. If you are interested in trying out Scarlet Blade as well then why not download the game with me.

Are There Male Characters?

I do have a few questions about the game and one of them is, "Are there male characters in Scarlet Blade?" I've seen many YouTube videos of Scarlet Blade and all of them featured almost naked female characters. None of the videos featured any male characters.

If there are no male characters in Scarlet Blade then I'll have no choice but to play as a female character. I've never played a female character in any MMORPG so I'll definitely feel a little bit awkward about it. In any case, I'm hoping for male characters in the game and I'll know for sure after I download and install it.


Some of the YouTube videos that I've seen about Scarlet Blade has the NSFW warning on it. NSFW means Not Safe For Work. Are they serious? For me, all kinds of games (adult rated or not) are not safe for work because you shouldn't be playing while you're at work. Your Boss won't like it. LOL!

Looks Interesting

Scarlet Blade looks interesting and I'm just basing it from all the YouTube videos that I've seen. Remember, I'll have a better opinion of the game after playing it.

What about you? Have you had a chance to see any YouTube videos of Scarlet Blade? If you did then what are your thoughts and opinions about it? Don't hesitate to share them below.

Official Website of Scarlet Blade:

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  1. admit it, you're playing it because of the boobs


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