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Started a New Restaurant in Cafe World

First posted on May 26, 2011. Cafe World is another game that I like to play in Facebook. Unfortunately, I had to start all over again because Facebook deleted my Kabalyero Kidd account. Well, it was expected because Facebook has been deleting accounts based on Second Life avatars. Facebook is deleting them because, according to their TOS or EULA, they only allow accounts owned by Real Life people. Second Life avatars doesn't fall under that category, at least, according to them.

Cafe World

Cafe World is a restaurant game in Facebook. It's very much like Restaurant City but only easier and less complex, at least for me it is. I've been playing it casually for a few years now on my Kabalyero Kidd Facebook account. As a casual player, starting over is not really a big deal and I did have lots of fun playing the game. I guess, that is why I'm playing it again on my other Facebook account.

In Cafe World, you are in-charge of a small restaurant and your goal is to make it bigger, sustainable and successful. As I've said above, the game is very easy to play. All you you have to do is cook some food, serve the food to your hungry customers and get paid in the process. You can then use the money you get from the operation of your restaurant to purchase improvements like wallpapers, floors, decorations and others.

When cooking your food, be sure to take notice of the time it takes to cook the food you are cooking because if you leave it on the oven for too long then it will eventually spoil resulting to lose of income. This always happens when I'm cooking Chips and Guacamole and Bacon Cheeseburger because these two have the shortest cooking time, 3 minutes and 5 minutes respectively.

Cafe World

To avoid excessive food spoilage, foods that I like to cook in Cafe World are those with at least 15 minutes cooking time like the Super Chunk Fruit Salad. It takes exactly 15 minutes to cook and it is the food that I like most to cook in Cafe World.

Basically, Cafe World is all about cooking and building a successful restaurant business. If you like Restaurant City then you might like Cafe World too. It's a simple game, easy to learn, with some challenges and, besides, building, decorating and growing your own restaurant business is kinda fun specially the decorating part.

Anyway, if you need a neighbor in Cafe World then don't hesitate to add me up. The Facebook Account I am using now is

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