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Visit My Restaurant in Restaurant City

Restaurant City is a very interesting game in Facebook. It's very much like Farmville but instead of building and managing a Farm, you get to build and manage a Restaurant. What I like best in Restaurant City is the building part of it. You start with a very small restaurant and you build it from there until it becomes big and popular. Of course, making it beautiful with decorations and stuff is also included in the building part of the restaurant.

Restaurant City

In fact, I have visited many beautifully decorated and designed restaurants in Restaurant City that made me wished they were my own. I guess, some people are just really good at building and decorating virtual restaurants. Anyway, I don't think my restaurant in Restaurant City looks terrible but it could definitely use some improvements.

Unfortunately, improvements cost Coins and that is something I don't have very much of. Fortunately, Coins can be earned from the daily operation of my restaurant but it takes a lot of time to earn a few thousand Coins in Restaurant City. I'll have to keep my restaurant open everyday if I want to earn a lot of Coins which is something that I couldn't do. I just can't play Restaurant City the entire day.

Restaurant City

I'm sure there are people who spends a lot of their time playing Facebook Games like Restaurant City but not everyone has that luxury. Of course, I could always buy some Coins from the game with real money but I'm not going to. It may be a slow process but I'll get my Coins by earning them in the game. Besides, watching the restaurant operates is kinda fun.

Anyway, if you need a neighbor in Restaurant City then don't hesitate to add me. My Facebook profile URL is and, once we are neighbors, don't hesitate to visit my restaurant in Restaurant City.

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