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Ragnarok Online 2 Zeny/Gold Bug

Recently, someone posted a comment about a Ragnarok Online 2 Zeny/Gold Bug here in Kabalyero.Info. Unfortunately, I can't and won't verify if this so called Zeny/Gold Bug works or not because of the risks involved.

For example, if this so called Ragnarok Online 2 Zeny/Gold Bug is a scam then, instead of getting Zeny, it might take Zeny away from my account. This is a very plausible possibility because there are Ragnarok Online 2 players out there who are not afraid of scamming other Ragnarok Online 2 players.

Also, if this Ragnarok Online 2 Zeny/Gold Bug does work then using it or doing it in-game will put your accounts at risk because the publisher and the developer will certainly not let players abuse it without punishing anyone.

How To Get Zeny Quick

Anyway, getting enough Zeny in Ragnarok Online 2 is not that difficult specially if you enjoy crafting because you can always sell what you make in the Auction House. In fact, crafting materials sells quickly and at good prices in the Auction House.

You can also Buy and Sell items in the Auction House. If you monitor the Auction House regularly then you'll sometimes find rare or expensive items sold by other players at very, very low prices. Buy them and Sell them later at higher prices.

Working the Auction House to your advantage will definitely help you get all the Zeny you need quickly and without breaking any rules by exploiting a bug like the Zeny/Gold Bug.

Don't Be Greedy

Remember guys, Ragnarok Online 2 is just a game. Abusing bugs like the Ragnarok Online 2 Zeny/Gold Bug is just plain greedy and what's worst is the fact that it's getting greedy over virtual currency that has no real value in real life. O_o

Honestly, I really don't understand where this greed for virtual currencies in games come from and I don't want to know but if you really need it in any of the games that you play then I'm sure there are better and legal ways of acquiring it.

Have Fun Playing

Since Ragnarok Online 2 is a game, it's better to play it as such and have fun playing it rather than obsessing with things like Zeny. If your idea of fun is having billions of Zeny in Ragnarok Online 2 then get it by working hard for it rather than exploiting a bug like the Zeny/Gold Bug.

Besides, acquiring or getting a lot of Zeny through legal means will feel more rewarding than getting or acquiring it through exploiting or abusing in-game bugs.

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  1. can u put the bug so those who want to try can try? or give link to it?

  2. OT: Your title says "A former Knight in Khan Online but, now, adventuring in various MMOs, Virtual Worlds and other Online Games." Did you play at Khan Online PH Server before? If you did, by any chance you know someone named monpogidaw?


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