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Cryptic Game Launcher Doesn't Work For Me

I currently have four Perfect World Entertainment games installed on my computer and three of them use Cryptic Studios' Game Launcher. These three games are Star Trek Online, Neverwinter and Blacklight: Retribution.

Unfortunately, I can't play any of them because their game launchers stopped working. I don't know exactly what happened but it started a few months ago. I play Blacklight: Retribution often and I never had problems running it until, one day, its game launcher suddenly stopped working.

Stuck In Task Manager

Blacklight: Retribution needs to run the game launcher so it could check for updates or patches but, for some reason, it suddenly stopped working. Upon checking my Task Manager, I found its process running and it was using 27% CPU but it wasn't doing anything.

I had to click on the End Process button to stop its process from running and from using up CPU.

Unfortunately, the same thing was also happening with my Star Trek Online game launcher and, upon further observation, the description of both games game launcher process in Task Manager was Cryptic Game Launcher.

When I installed Neverwinter, the same thing was happening to its game launcher and its description in Task Manager was also Cryptic Game Launcher.

Three different games, two from the same developer, and all of them had game launchers that stopped working on my computer. They're running because I can see their process in Task Manager but they don't display the actual game launcher screen.


I've tried all the solutions that appeared in all my Google searches but none of them worked. For example, one solution for Star Trek Online is to replace my copy of StarTrekOnline.exe with an updated version. So, I downloaded an updated StarTrekOnline.exe from the official STO forum and replaced my copy with it. Did it work? Unfortunately, it didn't.

For Blacklight: Retribution, one solution is to run the game directly without going through the game launcher. This solution works but it requires that my copy of the game is updated or patched with the latest updates. If not then the game will simply say that my copy is an old version and that I'll need to update it.

Another solution that I tried with Blacklight: Retribution that worked for a while was to install it in STEAM. You can read my full post here at

Waiting For Cryptic Studios To Fix This Problem

Right now, I'm just waiting for Cryptic Studios or Perfect World Entertainment to fix this problem with their game launchers. I don't know if any of these two companies are aware of this problem but I'm hoping that they are and that they're already working on resolving it.

If they can't resolve it then I'll have no choice but to uninstall Star Trek Online, Blacklight: Retribution and Neverwinter from my computer. If I can't play any them because of this game launcher problem then there's no longer any reason to keep them installed.

What about you? Are you having the same problem with your installed copy of Star Trek Online, Blacklight: Retribution and Neverwinter?

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  1. Yeap... Launcher not working, was going to play neverwinter open beta but... no luck, bugs out after trying to auto update after a while. Even tried downloading and installing the installer again but no luck, still bugged.

  2. same here, trying to play neverwinter but stuck with cryptic game launcher hogging cpu %, using amd graphics card.

  3. I got the same problem it don't work for Blacklight or Neverwinter. I put ARC on and hit play then........nothing.......then it has this stupid updating Cryptic Launcher crap, tries 5 times, then flashes internet connection error. I play other games and they ALL WORK 100% so it's not my connection. This launcher crap has been going on for about a week now.

  4. well i do have problems with Champions online Launcher and the game itself
    in the game i do have that dam "server not responding issue once or twice a week it means i am forced out of the game. the launcher problem is: it doesnt connect to the patch servers and the problem is once a weak and lasts 2 or 3 days the it starts normaly without new patches or something.
    thierd problen is i do have steam to run the game and it is shit over all because it has connection issues too so ofetn i cant log in to steam and an error appears -130 and the screen to steam stays grey. Ihave to say other games like superstar racing or Skyrim online are working nearly prefectly.


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