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Radegast, My Current Favorite Text Based Second Life Viewer

Currently, my favorite Text Based or Text Only Second Life Viewer is Radegast. Before, my favorite was METABolt but I uninstalled it many months ago. Don't ask me why I uninstalled METABolt because I kinda forgot already. LOL!

Text Based Second Life Viewers like Radegast are really cool because they're very lightweight and they're very easy to use. For example, all you have to do to use Radegast is download it from the official website and install it after downloading it.

Because the setup file or installer is very small, it will only take you a few seconds to download it. If it takes longer than a few seconds then I think it's time for you to upgrade your internet connection speed. LOL!

What I Use Radegast For?

Radegast is really cool because it lets me access my Second Life account quickly. For example, if I just want to check my account's Linden Dollar balance then I can do it quickly by logging-in to Second Life using Radegast instead of a Graphical Second Life Viewer.

I also use Radegast when I just want to do some simple search in Second Life. Other things or actions that I use Radegast for are:
  • sending instant messages to my Groups
  • replying quickly to inquiries and questions
  • fishing
As you can see, I don't really need a full Graphical Second Life Viewer to do those things I listed and mentioned above.

How To Install Radegast in Windows?

Again, installing Radegast is very easy. Just follow the instructions below and you won't have any problems installing and running it.
To use Radegast, simply double-click its icon on your Windows Desktop to run it. Once it's running, simply type your Second Life avatar's name and your password in the Login Username and Password fields and click on the Login button.

Try Radegast

Anyway, if you just want to chat with your friends in Second Life then why not try Radegast. It's very lightweight, it's fast and it's very easy to use and it's perfect for just chatting in Second Life.

Of course, if you need to move around, go places and see things then you'll need a Graphical Second Life Viewer. Although, you can move your avatar using Radegast but you won't see anything because it's a Text Only Viewer.

Radegast does have a 3D Scene viewer but it's better to use a full Graphical Second Life Viewer to see things in-world.

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