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Spraying My Custom Symbol In APB: Reloaded

I was browsing through my collection of screenshots today when I came across a few screenshots taken from APB: Reloaded. The screenshots had my custom symbol in APB: Reloaded sprayed on walls in different locations of the game.

Spraying On Walls In APB: Reloaded

Yes, I had my custom symbol sprayed on some of the walls of the buildings in the game. This ability to spray a symbol on walls and other flat surfaces in APB: Reloaded is a feature available to all players and I use it very often.

In fact, before I play the game, I would first spray my symbol on the nearest wall that I could find. I think of it like announcing my arrival to everyone. It's also a good way of promoting my blog. He he he!

Unfortunately, the symbol on the wall is not permanent. If I leave the game then it will disappear. If I change to a different district then it will also disappear.

How I Place My Custom Symbol

Before I can place my custom symbol, I must first find a suitable wall or surface to place it on and I'll find these on various buildings on the map or play area. I'll simply point my crosshair on the walls or surfaces of each building and if the message "F - Display Point" appears on my screen then I'll know that the wall or surface I'm pointing to is, like the message said, a display point.


To spray or place my custom symbol, I'll simply go to it and, when I'm close enough, I'll just press F. Doing so will make my character spray my custom symbol on the wall or surface. Placing or spraying your symbol in APB: Reloaded is FREE.

By the way, symbols, patterns or designs that sprayed on walls or surfaces in APB: Reloaded are also called Graffiti.

APB: Reloaded is a free-to-play online multiplayer third-person-shooting game and you can get the game at

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