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TimeStopper Failed To Stop WTFast

I've received a lot of comments from our fellow gamers and Ragnarok Online 2 SEA players about how TimeStopper won't work with WTFast. You'll find these comments posted at How To Use WTFast For Free Forever?

I've read all the comments but I still wanted to see it for myself. I haven't played in Ragnarok Online 2 SEA for many, many days because I was busy with other things but, yesterday, I tried to run my TimeStopper copy of WTFast just to see if I'll get the expired message. Guess what? I did. LOL!

WTFast 30 Days Free Trial Expired
(Sorry guys. It expired. T_T)

Even with TimeStopper, my WTFast 30 Days Free Trial still expired. This means that using TimeStopper with WTFast was absolutely useless. Was it worth trying? Yes, because if it had worked as intended then all of us wouldn't have this problem right now.

TimeStopper Failed

Now, if you still want to continue using WTFast with Ragnarok Online 2 SEA then all you have to do is pay $5.99 for a Basic Account. This will give you access to WTFast servers for one month. Of course, if you want to save some money then it's best to subscribe in longer periods.

WTFast Subscription Plans
(Save as much as 17% by purchasing a longer subscription period)

Remember, WTFast is not only for bypassing the country block or IP block of Ragnarok Online 2 SEA. You can also use it reduce lag in a lot of games like World Of Warcraft, League Of Legends, DoTA 2, TERA, Guildwars 2 and other online games.

Hopefully, some of our fellow Ragnarok Online 2 SEA players will find a way to really extend the 30 Days Free Trial of WTFast but, in the meantime, why not subscribe to WTFast to enjoy its many benefits. Check out WTFast at

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  1. my WTFast hasnt expired yet (30 days probably didnt pass yet)

    I was thinking of using Total Uninstall app to completely remove all traces of WTFast and reinstall it here, it might refresh the 30 days. O_O'''

    1. unfortunately it wont..nothing can escape registry encoder server..not unless, you reformat your PC, buy new OS, and use other IP address and download..its like one of those online games that can't be copy/paste the folder file, because every installation has a unique registry code listed on them..

  2. Hmmm the info you got here might come in handy for me, soon! :)

  3. done that still dedteckted sys32 setting they say to reformat or something

  4. another method to use is vpnoneclick. trial only 7 days, but the subcription is much cheaper than wtfast. also not many lag occur. :D

  5. anyone try vpnoneclick? it has singapore IP, and subscription fee is much cheaper dan wtfast.

  6. GOOD NEWS i just did register my email for a new trial,i dont know how long will it last but i logged in haha go try ur emails now

  7. Mine is still working fine since January 8. I don't know you guys how do you follow instructions from Kabalyero.

  8. why not try spoofing ur mac address... it's worth a try, i guess... :)


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