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WTFast Now Natively Supports Ragnarok Online 2

Some of our fellow Ragnarok Online 2 players are having problems using WTFast to connect to Ragnarok Online 2 SEA servers. It's either they made an error setting up Ragnarok Online 2 as a Custom Game in WTFast or they just don't know how to do it.

Kabalyero connected to Ragnarok Online 2 SEA using WTFast

Now, WTFast has made it much easier to connect to Ragnarok Online 2 by supporting it natively. What does it mean? It means that WTFast users can now find and easily configure Ragnarok Online 2 by simply typing Ragnarok Online in the Find Game field.

So, to load Ragnarok Online 2 using WTFast and connect to Asiasoft's Ragnarok Online 2 SEA servers, please follow the following:
  1. Login to your WTFast account.
  2. Choose Find Game and type Ragnarok Online in the text field.
  3. Choose Ragnarok Online II from the list of games.
  4. Choose a server to connect from.
  5. Click Play to load the game.
  6. Login to your Ragnarok Online 2 SEA account and enjoy playing the game.
Here is a simple video showing WTFast natively supporting Ragnarok Online 2.

If you are outside Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam and you want to play in the first English server of Ragnarok Online 2 then you can use WTFast to do just that. You can download WTFast for FREE at

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  1. I ran WTFAST, but as soon as my RO2 starts, it says update in progress but stays at 2%.

    1. Dont use WTFAST when you are updating., i don't know.. but if there's an update, update it first using your own connection.. after that, close the launcher and you can now use WTFAST to play.. ok?? it's not 100% sure but i've tried it and it worked out for me :)

  2. if you want to update., update it first and don't use WTFAST.. after the update, close the launcher.. then use wtfast.. ok ?

  3. i folow your step,,but after choose character and have loading after that the game is closing,,what should i do?(sorry bad english)

  4. im using WTfast but i kip on dc evry 15 mins >.< can sum1 help me ? :(

  5. im using WTfast but i kip dc evry 20min >.< can sum1 pls help me :(

  6. roden.. I think your problem is your ISP, My case, I can play Ro2 whole day using WTFast.. sadly mine expired yesterday..:(

  7. how can i use wtfast again after free trial expires?

  8. It says: "Could not find the game executable file. Please click OK, keep WTFast running and run the game manually

    What is this?? I can't Log in to Ragnarok II?

  9. why cant play i have wtfast

  10. i already use WTFAST to update. now i can't login anymore,, what should i do?? :(


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