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How To Get A Peco-Peco Mount In Ragnarok Online 2

Traveling on foot in Ragnarok Online 2 is a very slow process because the areas are fairly large. For example, it would probably take me a few minutes to run from the Newbie Area to the gates of Prontera. I used the term "probably" because I've never timed it but I'm pretty sure that it'll take me a while to get there.

Getting My Peco-Peco Mount

Besides, I'll rather spend those few minutes bashing monsters for experience points than wasting it on something like timing a run to Prontera. LOL!

Fortunately, Ragnarok Online 2 has a mount system that will allow me to buy a mount and ride it. Obviously, riding a mount will make traveling across Midgard faster as suppose to traveling on foot. So, the question now is, how do I get a mount in Ragnarok Online 2?

Getting a mount in Ragnarok Online 2 is very easy. All I have to do is buy one from the Item Shop with real money. Yes, various mounts are sold in the Item Shop but I'll need real money to buy them. Unfortunately, I have no plans of spending real money on this game because I'm supposedly not allowed to play it.

My Peco-Peco Mount

Remember, Asiasoft's Ragnarok Online 2 SEA is for players in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam only. I'm playing the game from a country not mentioned above and that means the game can block me anytime. So, in my case, spending money on this game is not an advisable idea.

The good news is, I still got a mount for free and, to get it, I had to reach Level 15 and buy it from an NPC in Prontera. The mount is a Peco-Peco and riding it increased my traveling speed a bit. It's not very fast but it's faster than running on foot. Also, I just love the Peco-Peco because it kinda reminds me of the Chocobo in Final Fantasy.

Again, this is how I got a Peco-Peco Mount in Ragnarok Online 2:
  1. First, I leveled my character to 15.
  2. I then went to Prontera and bought it from an NPC.
Easy right? Of course it is. Now, go and level-up those characters of yours and go buy them a  Peco-Peco Mount.

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  1. Thanks but knowing that the npc is in prontera isn't enough when you didn't screenshot the npc's location or even state the name.

  2. hi there..
    thx 4 the info.. but can u tell me the name of that NPC?

  3. Taksi - NPC Name
    North of Prontera - Location

  4. i have a problem in installing my wtfast,after the installation, it blocks my internet connection.(bayantel)

  5. I know how it feels bro, not allowed in the game....How much does peco2x cost? And BTW, thank you for telling us how to connect in Ro2 by using wtfast and having it permanent using time stopper :) i am now level 10, i started last mar. 24 playing it. And im excited to get my own peco2x

    Char. Swordsman :)

    I am a filipino :)


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