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How I Got My Lumbridge Herald Cape In Runescape

So, I recently went back to playing Runescape. You know that old browser-based MMORPG that first appeared online in 2001. In fact, because it's browser-based, I can comeback to it whenever I feel like it but, unfortunately, (I talked about it in my Kalphite King post) I forgot my password and never recovered my first account. *sigh*

Lumbridge Herald Cape in Runescape

Currently, I'm playing Runescape with a new account and it's kinda boring doing everything again although it's kinda different this time because of the recent changes made to the game. Actually, the recent changes got me curious enough to play Runescape again, casually of course.

Talk To The Herald Of Lumbridge

Anyway, I'm always a sucker for capes and, a couple of days ago, I got a Lumbridge Herald Cape from the Herald of Lumbridge. It's an NPC located near the training area and, the good part about it is, I got the cape for free.

Herald of Lumbridge

I got the Lumbridge Herald Cape for free and I can also customize it in the future by unlocking some requirements and these requirements are unlocked by completing certain tasks or quests. Finding what these requirements are is easy. All I have to do is click on the Unlock Requirements button.

For now, I'm not going to unlock any more requirements because I'm still kinda learning how to play the game. Maybe a few more sessions will eventually get me re-acquainted with the game but, in the meantime, I'm spending most of it killing goblins and chopping trees. LOL!

If you are interested in playing Runescape then you can sign-up for a free account at

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  1. Oh wow. I don't play online because sadly I don't have the time due to workload. it must be so exciting to have plenty of time on hand, just relax and play. Tell me, is it really expensive as other parents fear? Online games I mean...

    1. the games I play are free-to-play, so they shouldn't cost anything...


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