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Content Stolen or Scraped By WebJunkiesBlog

Today, I found out that content from three of my blog posts where stolen or scraped by another blog. The name of the blog that stole or scraped my content is WebJunkiesBlog and it's authored by someone named Leynard Ondar.

The author of WebJunkiesBlog took the content of my three blog posts about bypassing Ragnarok Online 2 SEA's country or IP block and put it in his own blog posts as his own. He did very little to no changes and even copied some of my text word-for-word.

Here are a couple of screenshots showing a side-by-side comparisons:

I posted my blog posts on January 4, 7 and 9, 2013 while he posted his blog post on January 16, 2013. You'll see this in the screenshot below.

He even used my YouTube videos in his blog post.

What the author of WebJunkiesBlog did is stealing content. You can also call it content scraping and according to Google, content scraping or Scraped Content is content taken from other sites. You'll find a more detailed explanation of Scraped Content here.

One funny thing about this WebJunkiesBlog is that it has a DMCA Copyright Protected banner displayed in its sidebar. The author of WebJunkiesBlog is concerned about his Copyright but he, obviously, doesn't care about nor respect the Copyright of other bloggers.

Unfortunately, all I can do right now is write a blog post about it because I have no idea how to deal with Content Scrapers.

What do you think I can do about it? Can I report it? If so then where and to whom? If you have any suggestions on how to deal with content scrapers then please don't hesitate to post your suggestions as a comment below.

January 19, 2013 Update: I've reported the content scraper to Google Adsense.

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  1. Wow. Some cheapskate. Couldn't even write his own content and using yours as his own. I hope this gets resolved soon!

  2. was there no link back at least, mentioning that he took it from your site?

  3. He must be penalized by now if the Cybercrime Law had already been up.

  4. i honestly have no idea about cybercrime law, and i also don know if you have a copyright for this idea... if none then it would be hard for you to testify what the truth is,,, but the dates can tell just like what youve posted...

    but you did a really great job sir, it takes a genius mind to make these and you have OUR respect and support... thnx again. keep it up. and Godbless...

    in adition, i suggest from now on you make a copyright of your own work ^_^

    1. clearly, you have no idea what copyright is... "Copyright protects the physical expression of ideas. As soon as an idea is given physical form, e.g. a piece of writing, a photograph, music, a film, a web page, it is protected by copyright. There is no need for registration or to claim copyright in some way, protection is automatic at the point of creation. Both published and unpublished works are protected by copyright."


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