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My Swordsman Guide To Ragnarok Online 2

I've played many MMORPGs. I started with Ragnarok Online and now I'm playing Ragnarok Online 2. In all of these MMORPGs, the character I create is always under the Tanker Class whether it's a Knight, a Warrior, a Fighter or a Swordsman.

You will never see me playing as a Magician nor an Archer nor a Healer. Nope! Never!

My character in Ragnarok Online 2 SEA is, you guess it, a Swordsman and he is only at Combat Level 21. I still need 4 more Combat Levels to change him into a Knight but I'm not rushing it because the game won't go anywhere. It'll still be here tomorrow.

As a Swordsman, my main STATS are STR for Strenght and VIT for Vitality. Obviously, Strength increases my Swordsman's damage and ability to parry while Vitality increases his HP (hit points or health points).

For this particular Swordsman, I'm experimenting by putting a lot of points in VIT. This will give him a lot of HP which is what a Tanker Class needs. Did I put any points in STR? Nope but I did put some points in AGI. I'm not sure if that decision is a mistake but I'm hoping that it isn't.

When it comes to my Swordsman's Skills, I maxed out the following:
  • Bash
  • Battle Orders
  • Aura Strike
  • Aura Armor
I left the others at one and the rest at zero because I don't think I'll use them anyway. Putting points in any of them is just a waste of precious points. As a Swordsman, the skills I've listed above are what I often used to kill the mobs or monsters in the game.

Here is a screenshot of my Swordman's Skills.

Kabalyero's Swordman's Skills

If you are a Swordsman like my character in Ragnarok Online 2 then it's very important to remember that STR and VIT are our main stats. You could go pure VIT or pure STR or a balance between VIT and STR with your Swordsman.You can even add a little AGI into the mix specially if you want to increase your Critical Hits and Dodging.

Anyway, I do have a few other characters in Ragnarok Online 2 and all of the are Swordsmen. The only difference between them are their names and their builds. For example, I have a Swordsman that's pure VIT, a Swordsman that's pure STR and a Swordsman that's pure AGI but I don't play them often.

The reason why I created this other Swordsmen is to simply see which one is more suited to my playing style. Currently, I'm still favoring my first Swordsman which has a lot of VIT but with some AGI.

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  1. It's a nice concept that you develop a specific character through level ups. I remember when I was still playing games, it was more of upgrading the fleets than individual characters.

  2. I am sure that your are a good player, I can see that in how you explained your chosen characters.

  3. Parang matanda na ako to play this online games, but my youngest son , hayz adik dito. I asked him what he thinks of Tagnarok Games, He told me oks naman daw. Dota ang play nya eh.

  4. i can never relate to this kind of topis though, this is a great tips for those who play ragnarok as well i have a lot of frensd back in philippines that is so addicted to this gamE x0

  5. You seem to be having so much fun with online gaming especially with customizing your characters. They are almost extensions of yourself, aren't they?

  6. Its nice that game development companies never stops in pursuing new technologies. This only means that our developers are now more into quality of the game.

  7. I believe that the build you posted lacks certain information and tends to be biased towards a certain type of build and not presenting other builds as well as not presenting certain calculations although I admire that you took the initiative to post a decent starter guide. I hope this may help you:
    1. Vit only increases hp and potion effectiveness... If you max out your vit to 50, you would only gain an additional 300 hp compared to having only 40 vit which gives you 240 hp... if you compare the stat point consumption 180 stat points for 60 hp could be considered as wasting points
    2. Strength increases Physical damage AND "BLOCK", not pumping up strength gives you less block... and as a Tank, you need to "block" your enemy's attacks, you also need strength to improve your damage so you wouldn't lose the aggro of your mobs.
    3. Agi increases critical rate and "DODGE", along with block, you will need to dodge your enemy's attacks, and if you hit a critical on the enemy, you do x2 damage which again helps you keep your aggro
    4. Your aggro-drawing skills have a long cooldown so you really need to maintain aggro during the cooldown of your skills(I am assuming you are a knight)
    5. The skill build that you did is correct! :D
    6. I am currently creating a swordsman to be a Knight, so instead of putting up skills in the Swordsman tree, I just maxed out Bash and Battle Order and left everything else at level 1 so when I become a Knight, I could use my spare skill points to add to the Knight's skill tree :)

    In my personal opinion:
    The skills in RO2 per level only contains 1~2% increase in damage(for offensive skills), so maxing the skills would only result to almost 5~10% increase in overall damage, at the early point of the game, that damage increase would be minimal so I "suggested" to not consume a certain amount of skill points until you change classes so that when you change classes, you can already alot skill points to certain skills that do better effects than your 1st class skills... but that's just my opinion though :D
    For the stats, I think that you have a point, if you are a tank, you should go for full vit, but for my opinion, The stat point consumption and the outcome does not optimize the character as a tank, only by using the stat points wisely can bring your tank to its full potential! :D
    Sorry for the long comment but I hope this helps :D

    1. thanks... I like to experiment with different builds to find the build that best match my play style... it will take me some time but I'm not really rushing... ^_^

  8. I am so useless when it comes to gaming. My nephew should read this :)

  9. Looks like a good new guide for me. I haven't played RAGNAROK for ages now.

  10. I'm just guessing, but typically, you cannot carry points over on a job change, so I would recommend use them as he did, but i'm going half VIT/STR, otherwise nice job!


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