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Training Combat In Mortal Online

As a newbie in Mortal Online, one of the first things that I wanted to train was my fighting or combat skills because I learned that I can be killed or murdered by anyone, anytime and anywhere in this game and I learned that the hard way.

Walker In The Graveyard Of Tindrem

Without any combat skills, defending myself against other players in this harsh world is going to be very, very difficult. Without any knowledge of what to do, I explored the huge City of Tindrem where I got lost many times.

In my exploration of the city, I discovered the graveyard and there I saw newbie players fighting undead creatures called Walkers. I immediately equipped my broken sword and attacked the nearest undead creature or Walker.

I activated Combat Mode by pressing the X key and attacked the Walker with my equipped sword by clicking on my Left Mouse Button. Of course, I had the Walker targeted and he was within the range of my sword.

Walker In The Graveyard Of Tindrem City

Swinging my sword towards the Walker doesn't always guarantee a hit. Sometimes, I would swing and swing my sword but none of it would hit the Walker. Missing a lot can be frustrating but it became lesser and lesser as my Combat Skills increase in points.

I spent a lot of time in the Graveyard just killing Walkers and, because of that, I now have skill points in the following Combat Skills:
  • Melee Combat: 60 (Trained To 82)
  • Axes: 60 (Trained To 70)
  • Combat Techniques: 60 (Trained To 100)
  • Defensive Stance: 60 (Trained To 86)
  • Combat Maneuvering: 60 (Trained To 73)
As you can see, my basic Combat Skills are already at 60. Actually, they're already above 60 but, as a Free Player, I will only get 60 skill points instead of 100. Is this a disadvantage, yes it is but the only way I can get above 60 skill points is by subscribing or becoming a paying player.

Unfortunately, I'm happy playing as a Free Player. I'll just try to avoid fighting or dueling other players which is not really that hard to do since most players are not that aggressive.

Currently, I'm still hunting Walkers in the Graveyard of Tindrem City but, I'm not doing it for Skill Points only, I'm also doing it for Silver Coins. I need a lot of Silver Coins to buy some items that I might need in my adventures in Mortal Online.

Here is a short YouTube video of me in the Graveyard killing Walkers.

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  1. That seems like an exciting game fighting off walkers to train and to earn additional skill level.

  2. Looks like another addicting game. I used to love these kinds of game when I was younger. I don't have the patience to learn these stuff anymore, but I sure miss the gaming excitement

  3. I really have the difficulty to analyze this game. But my customers here at my shop they really enjoy playing.

  4. Great tutorial for this game, looking forward on playing this game

  5. It's good to know you know what you want and you are in control of the game and not the other way around. I'm not sure about the graphics of the game though and the fluidity of the movements it seems to be so mechanical. Im not sure I'm not really an expert.

    1. yup, this game doesn't have the best graphics nor the best animations... I'm playing it because it's a sandbox which gives players more freedom as to how they play... also, my graphic's setting is set low... LOL

  6. looks like an exciting mortal like mortal combat or team melees game. hopefully it can be included in world cyber games.

  7. Another addicting game, I guess? Haha! I'm not really into these games but I do work in game development industry so I pretty much know a little on these.

  8. I surely want to hone my skills in combat games like this. Been missing a lot of gaming stuff now.

  9. This seems to be an exciting one. I hope I can learn, if not all, most of the online games :D


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