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Kicking Players For Repairing The Tank, WTF! Blacklight: Retribution

Today while playing my favorite multiplayer online first-person-shooting game, Blacklight: Retribution, I noticed one player was complaining about something in chat. He was complaining that a particular player was constantly repairing the tank. O_o

I don't know if he was a new player but I think he was just being a sore loser. Seriously, if I was equipped with the Repair Kit then I would also constantly repair the tank because that's what the Repair Kit is for. Again, the Repair Kit is for repairing the Scorpion Tank, Hardsuits, Turrets and Riot Shields.

Repairing the Scorpion Tank will give anyone repairing it a huge amount of CP and that's just fair because repairing the Scorpion Tank will put anyone repairing it in the line of fire. They are willing to sacrifice themselves for the team.

Unfortunately, some players don't understand this. To them, those players who are putting themselves at risk of getting killed to repair the Scorpion Tank are simply farming for CP which is not the case.

The sad part about it was, one player was already kicked from the game for repairing the Scorpion Tank. Seriously, a player can only farm CP with the repair tool if the opposing team lets him.

I do admit that some players do farm CP with the repair tool in Siege but they don't do it alone. Farming the Scorpion Tank for CP usually requires a lot of players like maybe an entire team or an entire clan. One team disables the tank while the other team Farms CP by repairing it. Once it's repaired the previous team disables it again while the other team repairs it again completing a cycle of disabling and repairing the tank for CP. Now, that's what I would call farming.

A single player, without any help from other players, will have a very, very tough time farming CP with the Repair Kit in siege. For example, I always rush the Scorpion Tank with my Electro LMG to disable it and anyone repairing it is killed in the process (unless of course, they kill me first).

Anyway, if you are in Siege Mode with a Repair Kit repairing the Scorpion Tank and other players are accusing you of farming or even kicked you off the game because of it then why not submit a Harassment Report against them. The report may or may not result to anything but at least you tried.

Remember, if you think that you're not doing anything wrong then you won't have to worry about anything.

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