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Black Friday Sale. Buzz Or Bust? Blacklight: Retribution

At exactly 1:00 am of November 23, 2012, Perfect World Entertainment posted in the official website of Blacklight Retribution a Black Friday Sale. I was very excited about it because PWE was supposed to take 60% OFF of the Loadout price.

An extra Loadout in Blacklight: Retribution cost 1,000 Zen but, with 60% Off, it would only cost me 395 Zen. I'm a bit confused regarding the Math though because 60% of 1,000 is 600. If I deduct 600 from 1,000 I will get 400 but why did it become 395 Zen?

Anyway, 395 is lower than 400 and lower is better. Unfortunately, when I logged-in to my account to purchase a Loadout, the price was still 1,000 Zen. Seriously, I don't understand how they can announce or post something like a Black Friday Sale when it's not yet implemented in-game.

This little error kinda annoyed some players who were looking forward to the sale. Did it annoy me or irritate me? Yes, that's why I'm writing about it here. You see, if I wasn't careful then I could have bought a Loadout for 1,000 Zen instead of 395 Zen.

Fortunately, they corrected the error because, when I checked the price of the Loadout again, it said 395 Zen instead of 1,000 Zen. Without any hesitation, I immediately bought a Loadout and used it for my SMG.

Now, I have three Loadouts. The first Loadout has my LMG-Recon which I bought for 750 Zen. My second Loadout has my LMG and my third Loadout has my SMG.

Blacklight: Retribution and Perfect World Entertainment's Black Friday Sale started with a bust but now it's buzzing like a bee. If you are playing Blacklight: Retribution then take advantage of this promo before it's gone.

You can learn more about the Black Friday Sale in the official website of Blacklight: Retribution.

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