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XxGucciQueenlover2themaX Cried SCAM

Again, another Second Life resident accused me of scamming him and his name is XxGucciQueenlover2themaX. According to him, the item that he bought from me took money from him. The item in question was the Free Version of my *KK* 2011 Donation Goal Meter w/USD Display.

XxGucciQueenlover2themaX say it's a SCAM

I don't deny the fact that the item took money from him but it wasn't a scam because if he only read the description of the item then he would have known that the Free Version of the item takes a 1% commission on all donations received. This piece of information is clearly written in the description and it's also clearly shown in the picture or image of the item.

The Paid Version of the item is only L$298 and it won't take any commissions. Seriously, L$298 is a very reasonable price for such an item but, because he doesn't want to part with his money, he bought the Free Version instead without even reading the description of the item.

The Item Description and Item Image clearly says that it takes commission.

The Free Version of the item is there because many Second Life residents don't have any problem with the 1% commission. The Free Version also serves as a Demo of the item. If they are happy with it then they could always buy the Paid Version to avoid the 1% commission that the Free Version takes.

Anyway, I don't really mind if other Second Life residents accuse me of scamming them because it's far from the truth and, besides, it also gives me something to blog about.

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