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Level 10 In SuperStar Live Reached

Recently, I started playing SuperStar Live. It's a casual multiplayer online game published by IAHGames and it's Free-To-Play. I kinda like it because I love sing and this game allows me to do just that. To make it more fun and enjoyable, I can join other players and sing along with them.

SuperStar Live

The name of my character or avatar in the game is Kabalyero and he is currently at Level 10. Getting my character to Level 10 was my immediate goal in the game because Level 10 is the minimum level requirement in the on-going SuperStar Live iPhone 5 Promo.

In this promo, any SuperStar Live player who reaches at least Level 10 will get a chance to win a brand new iPhone 5 and other exciting prizes. Of course, the game doesn't end at Level 10. In fact, I'm going to continue playing this game because it's a lot of fun.

SuperStar Live

I used to play another game similar to SuperStar Live called Showtime SEA and the reason why I stopped playing it was because it had very few new English songs to sing. I'm hoping that SuperStar Live won't ever have to worry about not having new English songs.

Anyway, if you love to sing and play dancing games with your fingers then I suggest you play SuperStar Live. Obviously, getting a chance to win a brand new iPhone 5 is also a good reason why I want you to try and play this game.

To learn more about SuperStar Live and its iPhone 5 Promo, visit the official website at

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