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Where's My Close Beta Key For Marvel Heroes?

Marvel Heroes is currently in Close Beta but, the question is, where is my freaking Close Beta Key? Seriously, I've been following Marvel Heroes as far back as I can remember. In fact, I started following it when it was still called Marvel Universe Online.

Marvel Heroes

When the close beta of Marvel Heroes was announced, I immediately signed-up and subscribed to receive the game's newsletter. I also created a new account but, unfortunately, doing those didn't get me a Close Beta Key.

It's understandable because it was announced that the developers will only invite a few players in the beginning of Close Beta but, as the testing moves forward, they'll start inviting more players and give away more Close Beta Keys.

I'm very interested in this Marvel Heroes MMO because I love superheroes. I may not be the worlds biggest superhero fan but I do enjoy them very much. It's also the reason why I bought City Of Heroes many years ago and the reason why I played Champions Online and DC Universe Online.

As of this writing, City Of Heroes is currently being killed by an extremely powerful villain. A monster called NCSoft. While Champions Online and DCUO are both good as an MMO but I'm still looking for an MMO that will bring out the true essence of being a super-powered hero.

Anyway, there's really nothing I can do except wait and hope that I get invited to play and join Marvel Heroes Close Beta Test. If you want to learn more about Marvel Heroes and to sign-up for a free account then simply go to

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